Changing Healthcare One Story at a Time


Meet Kistein Monkhouse

Kistein Monkhouse, MPA is a proud immigrant New Yorker, a strong community advocate for health equity, that helps mobilize people to advocate for health access, and a storytelling strategist for healthcare organizations. 


Kistein is the CEO & founder of ​Patient Orator, she serves as a Board member of the Society for Participatory Medicine, and Advisor to the We The Patients NY, A Community Service Society initiative. Kistein has worked across healthcare and media creating videos campaigns, events, and productions for organizations in both the private and public sectors. 


Kistein worked with not-for-profits, academia, and government organization through federally and state-funded grants to establish storytelling strategies and various public services announcements to help citizens improve their health and wellness. 


She is an award-winning documentarian of the documentary Humanizing Health Care, a narrative-driven emotionally paced film about healthcare experiences in the United States. Monkhouse places equity, diversity, and inclusion at the heart of her work, and it is her top priority to ensure everyone is well-informed on how to navigate the healthcare system.

As a community organizer, Kistein has worked with We The Patients New York helping to educate consumers of using storytelling in policy advocacy by training consumers on how to tell their health stories. She has worked with various organizations to help with virtual event planning in both amplifying and incentivizing patients for their thought leadership through paid speaking opportunities a model she hopes all organizations will adopt to help patients get paid for their participation!


Humanizing Healthcare

Humanizing Health Care is a narrative-driven emotionally paced documentary about healthcare experiences in the United States. The film explores deeply rooted systemic issues across the healthcare ecosystem and the barriers they present to people at each touchpoint in care delivery. 


The project is produced by Kistein Monkhouse the storyteller innovator that has captured the stories of patients, frontline health care workers, policymakers, and everyday Americans as they navigate the health care system. Dive in and learn about the emergence of institutionalized healthcare delivery in the US and the call to action from Americans to humanize healthcare. 


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