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Maternal Voices

Empowering Your Pregnancy and Birth Through Effective Communication

Go on a transformative journey with "Maternal Voices: Empowering Your Pregnancy and Birth Through Effective Communication". This is an exceptional and ground-breaking book for expectant mothers, healthcare advisors, and others. The book will provide you with complete guidelines for pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. Besides, the book offers an inside look at the challenges of premature birth from an African American woman's point of view (the writer herself ). She has shared her personal stories so readers can relate and understand the real-life challenges during pregnancy. The pregnancy book also explores the importance of effective communication and strategic partnerships with healthcare providers. As a result, readers can make informed decisions related to pregnancy and childbirth.


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Kistein Monkhouse

Maternal Voices is written by Kistein Monkhouse, M.P.A. She is an equity advocate, health-tech entrepreneur, and renowned speaker. Kistein is also the founder and CEO of Patient Orator. She works to advocate on behalf of patients and help them overcome the challenges they face when dealing with the healthcare system. She is working with local and national organizations to empower vulnerable patients. She advocates for the experiences of marginalized people experiencing healthcare to ensure that their needs are met. For her contribution to the healthcare sector, she has been recognized as Vital Voices in 2021. Besides, she has been recognized as an Aspen Ideas Health Fellow in 2022. She is an active healthcare activist and patient advocate. Prepare to feel inspired, educated, and empowered from her book “Maternal Voices: Empowering Your Pregnancy and Birth Through Effective Communication.”

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