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Meet the expert that has empowered patients to navigate the healthcare system across the nation. Kistein Monkhouse is the CEO & Founder of Patient Orator, a recognized patient advocate, award-winning documentarian and self-proclaimed lover of improvement through innovation. For over seven years she has been promoting transparent, equal healthcare throughout the United States, developing various resources to foster a positive patient experience for all. It is her mission to dismantle systemic inequalities that cause health disparities across the healthcare ecosystem. 

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In 2017, Monkhouse launched Patient Orator, a digital health startup created to empower underserved patients to speak out about their healthcare experience. In 2020 she created the Patient Orator mobile app, that offers people a user-friendly way to document their medical symptoms. The platform is backed by the Founder Institute, All Raise, Founder’s Gym and have also been accepted as a 2021 Vital Voices fellow and is a Matter Health startup. When she first started her career in the healthcare industry, she witnessed firsthand the inequality everyday patients face, such as patient being treated poorly because of the color or their skin, high hospital readmission rates due to the lack of care continuum and supportive services to address patients needs outside of the walls of the hospitals and the unequal access to due because of people’s socioeconomic status.

In her quest to bring awareness to the poor patient experiences prominent today, she has also produced Humanizing Health Care, an award-winning documentary illuminating audiences on common healthcare experiences in the United States. This narrative-driven, emotionally-paced film explores deeply rooted systemic issues and the barriers they present to people at each stage in care delivery. The documentary can be found on Vimeo.
Monkhouse places equity, diversity, and inclusion at the heart of her work, and it is her top priority to ensure everyone is well-informed on how to navigate the healthcare system. Her experience in the industry positions her perfectly to pave the way for a nation of informed individuals and eventually humanize healthcare in the United States. 

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Keynote Speaker & Filmmaking Focus Areas:

  • The Patient Voice

  • Health equity from the perspective of the patient 

  • Diversity and Inclusion


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