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"The Cost of Abortion Bans" is Food for thought We Need for the Indifferent Masses - The Los Angeles Tribune

Winner of 2023 Sharecare Awards

About The Cost of Abotion Bans.

In the U.S., issues regarding abortion have remained of concern as economists continue to dig deeper into how banning abortions could be costly. The film highlights that the efforts to ban abortion could potentially be more costly than projected. Discussions regarding abortion have become more intense even as many experts attempt to devise lasting solutions. The film demonstrates that due to the mixed reactions toward how abortion issues should be addressed, economic issues have surfaced in the efforts to curb abortion, denoting that the cost of bans could be potentially higher.

Women's Health

Brooke Burke, founder of Brooke Burke Body, presents the Sharecare Award for Women’s Health to Kistein Monkhouse for "The Cost Of Abortion Bans."

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"This piece educates women to help them make the best decision possible in a complicated new world."

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