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 A Short Story & Preview of Humanizing Health Care 

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Humanizing Health Care is a narrative driven emotionally paced documentary about healthcare experiences in the United States. The film explores deeply rooted systemic issues across the healthcare ecosystem and the barriers they present to people at each touch point in care delivery.


The project is produced by Kistein Monkhouse the storyteller innovator that has captured the stories of patients, frontline health care workers, policy makers and everyday Americans as they navigate the health care system. Dive in and learn about the emergence of institutionalized healthcare delivery in the US and the call to action from Americans to humanize healthcare. 

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Meet the expert that has empowered patients to navigate the healthcare system across the nation. Kistein Monkhouse is the CEO & Founder of Patient Orator, a recognized public policy expert, award-winning documentarian, and self-proclaimed lover of improvement through innovation. For over seven years she has been promoting transparent, equal healthcare throughout the United States, developing various resources to foster a positive patient experience for all. It is her mission to dismantle systemic inequalities that cause health disparities across the healthcare ecosystem...